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Complaints procedure


Rubicon values happy clients. That is why we focus on the quality of the services we provide continuously. It is, however, possible for errors to be made and misunderstandings to arise. That is why we explicitly invite you to notify us if you are dissatisfied about one of our employees, our service, or any other aspect of our organisation, no later than 60 days after establishing the error. We take your feedback very seriously and will try to seek a suitable solution with you, if so required.

Dealing with a complaint by phone

Complaints can often best be solved by having a conversation (by phone or in person). That is why we request that you first contact us for a telephonic meeting on the issue, or to make an appointment for a meeting in person.

If the complaint involves a certain employee, we prefer that you first try to resolve the matter with the employee in question. If that is unsuccessful, or you have reasons why you do not prefer doing so, you can also contact Ms. J. Ranschaert (if absent, please ask for
Ms. S. van Hedel).

Official written complaints procedure

If the matter is not resolved in a conversation, or if you consider that the issue cannot be resolved in a conversation, then you are recommended to submit your complaint in writing. You can do this by requesting a complaint form from Ms. J. Ranschaert. This form needs to be completed and sent for the attention of Ms. J. Ranschaert (or Ms. S. van Hedel).

You can also opt to explain your complaint by phone to one of our employees. Please state that you wish to have your complaint dealt with through the official complaints procedure. The employee will fill in the complaints form during the telephone conversation. You will receive two copies of this form. Please sign and return one copy to us.

The procedure

The procedure is as follows: Ms. J. Ranschaert (or Ms. S. van Hedel) will deal with your complaint at their earliest convenience and will consult with you and the other person, or persons involved, on how to reach a satisfactory solution. If she is unable to respond to the complaint within a couple of days, she will make sure you receive a confirmation of receipt of the complaint within a couple of days. In most cases she will also contact you to discuss the next step. It is also possible that she will ask you for further information, or an explanation.

The aim is to deal with your complaint within a period of three weeks. If this period is exceeded, you will be informed of the reason thereof and will be kept informed of the progress of the procedure. Once the issue has been dealt with, you will receive a written confirmation with the results of the procedure.

Other aspects complaints procedure

Also due to our professional code, all aspects of the complaints procedure will be documented. These documents and the information therein will be dealt with carefully and confidentially.

In certain situations it can be necessary to obtain external advice from professional and independent organisations. By submitting your formal complaint, you are therefore requested to provide copies, or originals, of relevant documentation to those professionals. We always ask these professionals to sign a confidentiality agreement.

In conclusion

If you do have a complaint, we would really appreciate it if you could let us know. When you do so, you are giving us a second chance. You can rest assured that all valid complaints are included in the evaluation of our organisation and we will do our utmost to take measures to prevent repetition of that particular issue.

We hope to continue our good relationship and collaboration.