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Payroll and personal income tax


Personal income tax

Individuals living in the Netherlands, or earning income in the Netherlands, are subject to personal income tax. The amount of income categories that are subject to personal income tax is extensive. It could concern business profit, employment income, income from a principal residence, old age pensions, business-related use for the DMS and income from capital.

Services Rubicon

Rubicon provides advice on all issues relating to personal income tax that relate to your personal situation. We can also prepare your tax return on your behalf. Rubicon is specialized in the international aspects with respect to the personal income tax. Issues such as 'What are the consequences of cross-border employment?' and 'Living, emigrating or immigrating' and 'retaining capital (for example, houses) abroad'.

Payroll tax

Every employer and employee deal with payroll tax. The levy of payroll tax can be reduced, for example, by drawing up a well-thought through rewards package. Another possibility for employers is to maintain a flexible work force, for example, by hiring independent contractors or freelancers, temporary employees or via secondment.

Services Rubicon

The choices you make concerning the organisation of labour and the payment thereof for your organisation have all sorts of tax consequences and could lead to liability for the remittance of the payroll tax and social security contributions. Rubicon will give you insight into the possible consequences of your choices and will provide a suitable tax advice.